Airtech P10


Airtech P10

Airtech P10

Central suction and filter unit for room exhausting. Appropriate to industrial plants / welding shops where local extraction systems cannot be realized and/ or the the system is used additionally in order to prevent air pollution in the production hall.

How does the AIRTECH system work?
The polluted air enters the systems via the lateral suction ducts with intake points located in 3 m height and is guided into the filter section. The polluted particles deposit on the surface of the filter cartridges. The filter cartridges are dedusted automatically within the required intervals with the help of compressed air. The particles that stick to the cartridges are released by means of the compressed air blast and are collected in the dust container. The cleaned air returns to the working space via long range ejector nozzle that can be individually adjusted. Due to this, the polluted air is also guided in direction of the intake ducts.

The system is equipped with a particle sensor on the pure air side as safety device. This enables a permanent safety monitoring of the system, e.g. against burst of the filters. In case of a fault notice, the fan is switched off automatically. In the same time, the control unit of the system sends a visual and an acoustic signal to warn the user.

Does the AIRTECH system possess a certification?
The AIRTECH series is certified according to DIN EN ISO 15012-1 and examined by the IFA (Institute for Occupational Safety and and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance formerly BGIA) regarding hazardous materials who approved it for the welding fumes class W3 as fixed system for the extraction of welding fumes.

Product Specification


 Max. volumetric flow of the fan [m³/h]:  10.000
 Max. pressure [Pa]:  4.500
 Main-filter:  Filter cartridge 25 m² (4 pcs.)
 Engine performance [kW]:  11
 Voltage [V]:  400
 Power Frequency [Hz]:  50
 Current consumption [A]:  22,5
 Sound level [dB(A)]:  72
 Weight [kg]:  700
 Height [mm]:  3.990
 Depth [mm]:  1.200
 Width [mm]:  800
 Filter control:  PULSE-CONTROL steering
 Separation efficiency [%]:  ≥ 99