The Studhorse 1200DM


The Studhorse 1200DM

The Studhorse 1200DM or Studhorse 1200

1200A Stud Welders


Introducing America’s first full size, lightweight, portable drawn arc stud welder, The Studhorse 1200, using a power supply that is based on inverter technology. The Studhorse 1200weighs only 80 lbs. (36.5 Kg), with physical dimensions of only 19.5″ long x 17.9″ high x 10.5″ wide (495 mm x 455 mm x 105 mm), generating an output of 1200 Amps, capable of welding studs up to 5/8 in. weld base diameter. The new stud welder can be powered from a 40 Amp utility breaker at 480V, 3-phase or from a 30 Amp time delay fuse. The welder features infinitely adjustable output current, allowing for a wide range of stud sizes. Existing 1200A arc stud welders on the market today are still using the conventional linear power design technology, with a typical weight of almost 200 lbs. (90 kg).

The Studhorse 1200 can easily be moved with the operator as the welding job progresses and connects with a 4 x 14 AWG (2 sq. mm) power cord to either a utility grid or a power generator. The power cord weighs only 15 lbs. per 100 feet (0.22 Kg/m) as compared to a welding cable from conventional stud welders which may weigh up to 52 lbs. per 100 feet (0.8Kg/m). With The Studhorse 1200 kept close to the welder, only a short welding cable is needed. This considerable weight difference will drastically increase operator efficiency, and more applications of stud welding will also become economical due to the 50% weight reduction in the machine and the 70% lighter power cord. For the contractor on-the-move, the light weight Studhorse allows easy loading by hand on and off the back of a pickup truck.

Product Specification

Here is a summary of the features and benefits of The Studhorse 1200:

  • The small dimensions and low weight of The Studhorse allow the operator to bring the machine to the location where he or she is going to weld, substituting long and heavy extensions of welding cables with lighter and less expensive power cords. The work can thus start sooner, with less worker fatigue, and therefore resulting in increased productivity.
  • The low current draw of The Studhorse allows the use of 40A circuit breakers at 480V often eliminating the need for gas or diesel driven generators. At work sites with no utility power available, the power generator for The Studhorse may go down to half the size needed for a conventional stud welder, reducing overall cost.
  • With the adjustable current feature, The Studhorse can accommodate a wide range of stud sizes, a great benefit to renters and contractors.
  • The low weight of The Studhorse allows shipping via UPS at considerable cost savings — another great benefit to the rental industry. Transportation between job sites is also faster and easier. Hoisting the welder on and off a truck bed is no longer needed.

The design of The Studhorse is based on the same proven technology used for ARCON‘s Workhorse series of portable arc welders. The housing for The Studhorse is made of heavy gauge 1/8” thick fiberglass-reinforced polyester. Compared to sheet metal used in housing of conventional welding machines , the fiberglass composite is much stronger and impact resistant. It also reduces risk of electric shock and is, of course, corrosion proof.



  • Input power requirement.
  • Voltage 400V, 480V or 575V, three phase
  • Fusing 100/60/30 time delay
  • Output 1200A
  • Duty cycle @1200 amps
  • 5/min for 5/8 studs, 2/min for 3/4 studs
  • Open circuit voltage up to 70V
    (adjustable upon request)
  • Constant Power output
  • Pilot Current
  • After Burn
  • Automatic line voltage compensation
  • 5 zone thermal protection
  • Step-less weld power and time adjustment
  • Short circuit protected
  • Inverter-smooth arc
  • Digital start/stop, no contactor
  • Stepless 0.02 to 1.2 seconds
  • Current control 200A – 1200A (0.5 – 33 Kw)
  • Height 18“ (455 mm)
  • Width 10.5“ (105 mm)
  • Length 19.5“ (495) mm)
  • Weight 80lb (36.5 kg)
  • Designed for 1200A @ 60 ft 2-0 cable
  • Timer control



Rated Welding Current (AMPS) @ Duty Cycle
Open Circuit Voltage
Imput Amperes at Rated Load Output 50/60 Hz
Three Phase

1200 @ 4%
Duty Cycle

80 max




Height: 17.9″
(45.5 cm)

Width: 10.5″
(26.7 cm)

Depth: 19.5″
(49.5 cm)

80 lbs.
(36.3 kg.)
90 lbs.
(41.0 kg)