Tube-Tubesheet Held Head


Tube-Tubesheet Held Head

Tube-Tubesheet Held Head


Held Head RBK 16/20

The RBK 16 can be used to weld tube to tube sheet joints with inside and outside fillets with flush fitted, recessed and protruding tubes. It can be used for welding inside diameters from 10mm to 78mm. The optional wire feed unit is integrated in the weld head.

Package includes:

  • Weld Head RBK (without Cable Assembly)

The RBK 20 has the same tube size capability as the RBK 16 (ID 10 mm to 78 mm). However, the arc gap adjustment is a simpler construction and the wire feed unit is fixed (does not rotate with the torch).

Technical Data:

RBK 16

RBK 20

  Welding Position:

  Horizontal, Vertical   Horizontal, Vertical

  Position Control:

  Encoder   Encoder

  Welding Current:

  Max. 200 A   Max. 200 A

  Rotation Speed:

  Min. 0.33 RPM
Max. 6.0 RPM
  Min. 0.33 RPM
Max. 6.0 RPM

  Rotation Motor:

  24 VDC Motor controlled   24 VDC Motor controlled

  Wire Motor:

  18 VDC Standard Motor   18 VDC Standard Motor

  Front Support:

  Three Point Support   Three Point Support

  Mandrel Support Vessel:

  Stainless Steel   Stainless Steel

  Torch Cooling:

  Water up to Electrode   Water up to Electrode


  Current by Lamellar Coupling;
Gas/Water by Rotary Coupling
  Current by Lamellar Coupling;   Gas/Water by Rotary Coupling

  Weight with Wire Unit:

  10 kg   6 kg

  Weight without Wire Unit:

  8 kg   5 kg

Dimensions RBK 20: