Scan Dust 6000


Scan Dust 6000


The Scan Dust 6000 (SD 6000) is a very powerful and high performance dust collector, designed for use in conjunction with our larger line of Scan Combiflex grinders. The SD 6000 is a good solution for our SC 500i grinder on up to our SC 1000RC.

The SD 6000 is a very high capacity vacuum, are provides superior airflow and water lift for heavy grinding applications. This model is equipped with Jet-Pulse, an efficient system that pulses the filters in order to keep them clean. The SD 6000 also uses durable sock filters, which can easily be washed in order to prolong filter life. The filters comply with HEPA regulations, and are classified as H-13 filtration.

The SD 6000 also takes advantage of the Longopac bagging system, which makes managing dust very easy and efficient. With the Longopac system, all dust is collected in a heavy-duty plastic bag, which can easily be disposed of with minimal dust contact. This dust-free disposal option is very important, since fine concrete dust can be hazardous to one’s health.

Product Specification

Effect: 5,5 kW
Voltage: 400V, 3-phase
Max airflow: 530
Max vacuum: 600 m3/h
Hose: diam. 76mm / 10m
Inlet: 76/50 mm
Tube filter: Polyester 5,6m2 (4×1,4m2) 99,5%
Microfilter: 3,04m2 (4×0,76m2) 99,5%
Sound level: 70 dB
Filter cleaning: Automatic
Dimensions: 1140 x 720 x 1775
Weight: 206 kg