BlowVac Series


BlowVac Series

BlowVac Vacuum Loader
Truck mounted, pneumatic blowing device (optional). Designed for the extaction of dry suction material, liquids and sludge. Vacuum pump driven by the truck engine or by separate Diesel engine.Model Series BlowVac

Mounted on two, three or four axle trucks. Positive displacement vacuum pump, 42 to 300 kW. Airflow 2100 to 8200 m3/h. Vacuum pump optionaly 500 or 800 mbar maximum vacuum. Pneumatic filter cleaning. Suction distance up to 250 metres. performance rate up to 60 t/h (short distance). Blowing height up to 50 meters. Suction dia. 125 to 200 mm.

BlowVac Conic 2100, 3200, 3700, 6000 and 8200
Designed for the extraction of dry bulk material. For liquids and sludge intercept hoppers are used.Special models are available for the extraction of explosive dust.A separate diesel engine 42 to 240 kW, or a split shaft transfer case drives the vacuum pump,


BlowVac SL 4000, 6000 and 8200
Mounted on 3-axle (26 t) or 4-axle (32 t) truck. Extraction of dry bulk material, liquids and sludge. Volume of the collector body up to 16 m3. Hydraulic discharge door opens the full cross section of the collector body for the safe discharge of suction material with poor flow characteristics. Pneumatic blowing device for flowable bulk material (optional). Vacuum pump driven either by separte Diesel engine or by the truck engine via split shaft transfer box.Alternatively 50% or 80% vacuum pump.


BlowVac BigBag 4000, 6000 and 8200

Mounting and performance data as above.The suction material is discharged in BigBags, in skip containers for discharged by the pneumatic blowing device. Under the collector body is a large area available for storing accessories, i.e. 100 meters of sucction hose.

BlowVac SL 8200 TG

  • Desgned for the extraction of dry bulk material, liquid sludge.
  • Performance rate up to 60 t/h
  • Mounted on 4-axle truck 32 t.
  • Pump driven by the truck engine via split shaft transfer box.
  • Truck engine approx. 300 kW.
  • Vacuum Max. 800 mbar (80%)
  • Airflow max. 8200 m3/h
  • Optional telescopic boom for suction hose, remote controlled.

Considerable time savings when mounting a pipe connection at the work site, when pits are extracted or when working at upper levels of a building.