Orbitec Welding Equipment


Orbitec Welding Equipment
The Highest Specification Orbital Welding


Innovative, Practical and Affordable!

Orbitec´s equipment technology is focused on the particular practical needs of its customers, whether they specialise in tube and pipe fabrication or they have a one-off requirement to join tubular components. Uppermost on our list of design considerations are safe and easy to use, modular where possible, with a form and construction that reduces manufacturing costs to a minimum. Because of this philosophy Orbitec has been able to offer practical, robust and easy to use products at price levels not previously available to the Orbital market.

Central to our success over recent years has been our ‘Tigtronic Orbital’ controller, specifically designed to work with a range of welding inverters providing a flexible system that combines both Orbital and manual TIG capability. This controller was the first on the market to provide operators with automatic parameter calculation:

  • Enter tube outside diameter
  • Enter wall thickness
  • Enter weld head code
  • Start

It could not be easier!

Our range of OSK weld heads are unique in design, the cable and handle/motor assembly is separate from the weld head itself, so one handle assembly can run a variety of different sized weld heads. This concept provides significant cost savings on multiple weld head systems and unmatched flexibility to use the same weld heads on different manufacturers’ power supplies.

Other products, often considered peripheral to the orbital process (but never the less key to its successful application) such as cut-off saws, tube facing tools and oxygen analysers etc. compliment the comprehensive product range available from Orbitec.


  • Wire Feed Unit
  • Turn Table Systems
  • Purging Accessories
  • Purge Pressure Analysers
  • Orbital Cutting Saws
  • Complete Welder Work-Station
  • Pre-ground Tungsten electrodes