MaxVac T


MaxVac T

A new class of powerful suction units with regenerative vacuum pump. Applicable as pwer unit for a central suction plant or as a portable unit, tow operators can clean with it at the same time.

Advantages of the MaxVac system:
Connection to central piping systems or mobile use. Suction diameter 2 x DN 50 mm for weaving, spinning, finishing or DN 80 for dust bunkers. Fibres are compacted inside the 200 I collection bag.


MaxVac T, the simplest and most competitive system for stationary applications with piping system – up to 100 m to each side.

Product Specification


Electrical power 3-phase kW 11
Max. airflow, m3/h 1140
Maximum vacuum (intermittent) mbar 280
Maximum vacuum (continuous) mbar 440
Suction inlet diameter, ø DN 1×100 MV / 2×50 K
Collection container 200
Mains prefuse 32
Dimensions mm L1500 x W670 x H1300
Weight approx., kg 400
Sound level DIN 45653 approx. dB(A) 75