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Hoffmann – Garant

Premium quality is guaranteed here.



GARANT – The Hoffmann Group‘s exclusive brand.

Experts want to know they can bank on professionally made tools, capable of coping with the most exacting conditions in everyday use – without compromising quality, function and reliability. Our GARANT tools were designed to meet precisely these stringent demands, while offering the best value-for-money.

Your benefits:

  • Consistent premium quality, produced by leading international manufacturers
  • Certified product development (ISO 9001, VDA 6.4)
  • Top value-for-money
  • Potential savings > 10% versus products of comparable quality

That speaks for itself.

A few facts about GARANT.

The Hoffmann Group achieves annual sales of over 100 million euros with GARANT cutting tools. Our exclusive brand is placed fifth on German machining league tables – a result that speaks volumes for our manufacturing competence.


  • Over 12,000 products from the cutting tools, clamping elements, measuring tools, abrasives and saws, hand tools, and workstations and storage equipment
  • Experience going back 30 years
  • Top value-for-money
  • 99 % delivery ability within 24 hours (in Germany)
  • Certified as a manufacturer compliant with VDA 6.4 and ISO 9001

You can rely on it.

The GARANT guarantee of quality.


To ensure we keep pace with the high standards set by users, we develop and update our tried-and-tested GARANT products in close cooperation with selected customers, manufacturers and leading industry associations, and then we incorporate the knowledge we have gained from conversations with our customers. Because there is no harder test than practical use.


  • Up to 16 months of the most exacting development and test phases
  • In-house product developments, made by the world‘s leading manufacturers
  • Tapping into expertise at nine Hoffmann Group testing centres
  • Ongoing development and optimisation
  • 10 years‘ guarantee on selected product groups
  • Experience going back 30 years
  • Certified under VDA 6.4 and ISO 9001 for processes and development