Microfit Weld Head


Microfit Weld Head

Microfit Weld Head

Special Size for Microfit Applications

Microfit Weld Head OSK 13 G complete with Hose Package 8mtr

Weld head system for extreme tight access components; especially for welding microfit fittings.

Package includes:

  • Weld head and cable assembly

Coverage: OD 3 – 13 mm

Weld Head complete with handle and 8mtr cable assembly and separate cassettes to weld microfit fittings.

Dimensions (OSK 13 G with a tube / tube cassette):

Cassette Tube / Tube incl. Adjustment Gauge for Electrode Centre (Item No. 1.2.3021 + Ø)

Collets for OSK 13 G incl. Adjustment Gauge for Electrode Distance (Item No. 1.2.3022 + Ø)

Each outside diameter 1 set = 4 pieces

Cassette Tube- T-Fitting incl. Adustment Gauge (Item No. 1.2.3023 + Ø)

For each nominal diameter 10 cassette