Mobile Suction


Mobile Suction

filtoo, 3 m suction arm hose type, internal joints

The recently developed filter unit „filtoo“ is a mobile filter unit that can be used for many applications requiring the filtration of fumes, dusts and even gases.

The unit is IFA certified for welding fume category W3 (certification IFA: 1005029).


CAREMASTER mechanical filter unit with 1 suction element

Mobile welding fumes filter. Appropriate to fumes suction during welding jobs with unalloyed steels and precious metals.

This mobile welding fumes filter has a separation efficiency of ≥ 99 %.

The unit corresponds to the security requirements for units of the welding fume category W3 (high-alloyed steels). When handling the unit correctly, you can use it for circulating air operation because it fulfils the requirements for the exceptional rules according to the new hazardous substances ordinance.


HANDYCART cartridge filter unit

Cartridge filter unit, appropriate to welding fumes and dusts generated at changing working places (building sites, shipbuilding, welding places for small pieces, automobile garages).


STRONGMASTER cartridge filter unit with 1 suction element

Mobile cartridge filter unit, IFA-certified. Appropriate to long lasting fume suction for welding jobs with non alloyed steels and precious metals, galvanized material and aluminium when large amounts of smoke are generated.