Minidrel B Series


Minidrel B Series


MINIDREL B Series – capacity between 4.000 and 50.000 Kg


The MINIDREL B series is the range of mobile cranes featuring a combined articulated-telescopic hoisting system, designed to assure maximum flexibility in the handling of loads of every kind of weight and dimension. Thanks to the hoisting system developed using a patented kinematics system, heights and distances which were previously impossible, can now be tackled using the MINIDREL B range. Great versatility and top class performance making them the ideal machines for both internal or external environments, both for civil and industrial applications. Unique features which have won them the acclaim as one of the best types of telescopic handlers present on the market:

  • Extensive load capacities with compact dimensions
  • Electric or auxiliary engine power
  • Exceptional working reach
  • Precision and handling ease assured even in limited spaces
  • Slewing boom right/left with 180° rotation and hydraulic control (TR versions)
  • Maximum drive power guarantee by the 4×2, 4×4 or 6×6 traction
  • Motorized propeller unit with independent hydraulic motors on each wheel
  • Adjustable speed for all manoeuvres
  • Greatest autonomy thanks to special long-life batteries
  • Extremely competitive maintenance costs


  • Hydraulic control carriage stabilization
  • Hydraulically servo-assisted translation, lifting, extraction and steering
  • Wheel steering with squared system
  • Proportional speed regulator for all manoeuvres
  • Hydro-braking bench with controlled deceleration
  • Maximum safety thanks to anti-tilting control with patented system



  • Electro- hydraulic winch
  • Incorporated battery charger
  • Specific lifting height and telescopic arm, which can be modified to meet customer requirements
  • Automatic wheel load divider for fragile flooring
  • Button panel remote control
  • Programmable joystick radio control
  • Hydraulically controlled JIB articulation
  • Eye-bolts for load gripping


The specialized operations for which the MINIDREL B range is destined has meant that particular attention has been taken in the design stage to assure maximum performance levels in all conditions. The result being a work diagram with an extremely wide curve, which assures exceptional capacity levels at even the points of maximum extension (figure showing the operational diagram of a MINIDREL 75B). The objective has been reached thanks to ongoing studies into the kinematic response of the controlled deceleration lifting boom, so that it is possible to avoid the dangerous oscillations that occur in normal use of the bridge crane, which may otherwise jeopardize the stability of the loads during the handling operations. The use of a squared servo-assisted steering system, with translation speed control and gear inversion controlled by means of foot pedals, which means that the machine is capable of achieving an infinite number of positions, so as to assure maximum performance even over inclined surfaces.