Scan Dust 2800


Scan Dust 2800


The Scan Dust 2800 (SD 2800) is a great option for all of our smaller grinders. Known for its high reliability and performance, the SD 2800 is a versatile and efficient dust collector. The unique cylindrical design of the SD 2800 functions as a pre-separator, causing heavy particulate to separate from the fine dust. This allows the heavy particles to immediately drop into the bottom of the cyclone, bypassing the filters completely. This causes less dust to pass through the filters, increasing filter life and suction performance.

Like the larger Scan Dust models, the SD 2800 is also equipped with Jet-Pulse, an efficient system that pulses the filters in order to keep them clean. The SD 2800 uses durable sock filters, which can easily be washed in order to prolong filter life. The filters comply with all HEPA regulations, and are classified as H-13 filtration.

The SD 2800 also takes advantage of the Longopac bagging system, which makes managing dust very easy and efficient. With the Longopac system, all dust is collected in a heavy-duty plastic bag, which can easily be disposed of with minimal dust contact. This dust-free disposal option is very important, since fine concrete dust can be hazardous to one’s health.

Product Specification

Effect: 2,8 kW
Voltage: 230V
Max airflow: 420
Max vacuum: 230
Hose: diam. 51mm, 7,5m
Inlet: diam. 50mm
Tube filter: Polyester DOP 3,0m2, 99,89%
Microfilter: HEPA 2×0,5m2
Sound level: under 65 dB
Filter cleaning: semi automatic
Dimensions: 56x80x112 cm
Weight: 42 kg