IS-36 / IS-46


IS-36 / IS-46

The professional units which can do everything. The industry standard in the range of small industrial vacuum cleaners.


3 kW and 4kW driving power, three phase and compressed air powered

These units make no compromises!
Integrated cyclonic separator, pocket filter elements to the highest specification, 2nd filter stage as a HEPA absolute filter, pneumatic filter cleaning device with AirShock® as a standard, lifting and lowering device for the collection container, maintenance free vacuum pump for continuous operation with high suction power, suitable for all suction materials of dust classes L, M and H and B1. Explosion protection for explosive types of dust, gases and vapours according to the Atex standard. These units offer everything which is technically possible today.

Product Specification

Two different filter system for different applications:

  • Basic: for liquids, coarse dust and chips
  • Filter:  for fine dust and all other materials

Standard equipment for all models:

Highly efficient centrifugal separator with internal tube relieves the main filter. The air velocity is reduced. this extends the life time of the main filter.

  Electronic power kW 3 4
  Max. airflow, m3/h 340 460
  Max. suction power, mbar 330 340
  Suction inlet diameter, ø mm 60 60
  Collection drum, liter 50 50
  Total surface, cm2 5,000/20,000 5,000/20,000
  Dimensions, mm (LxWxH) 1102 x 720 x 1387 1102 x 720 x 1387
  Weight approx., kg 138 142
  Voltage, three phase, Volt 400 400
  Fuse (50 Hz), Amp. 16 16
  Noise level without reflections DIN 45635, dB(A) 65 69