VacTrailer Series


VacTrailer Series


Industrial vacuum cleaning and conveying units. Disigned for the extraction of dry and humid bulk material as well as for dry explosive suction material (i.e. coal dust) and catalyst handling. Discharge device for BigBags.

Mounted on trailer or transprt frame for transport by truck or trailer. Positive displacement vacuum pump, 37 to 300 kW. Diesel or electronic drive. Air flow 2100 to 8200 m3/h. Vacuum pump optionally 500 or 800 mbar max. vacuum. Pneumatic filter cleaning systems designed for fine dust. Suction inlet dia. 125 to 200 mm.

VacTrailer S-4

The best clice for a professional industrial cleaning unit. Positive displacement vacuum pump. Diesel or electric drive (42/37 kW). Perfomance rate at 10 m suction distance up to 15 t/h (fresh cement). Discharge into BigBags or containers. Suction Inlet dia. 125 mm.

VacTrailer Conic 4000 Diesel

Vacuum cleaning and conveying unit, 84 kW diesel. High performance filter system for the fine dust, pneumatic filter cleaning. Collection capacity approx. 6 m3. Positive displacement vacuum pump 500 mbar. Airflow max. 4000 m3/h. Performance rate at short distance up to 20 t/h.

VacTrailer 6000 BigBag

Diesel engine 175 kW. Discharge in BigBag or in skip containers.